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True to it’s origins as the original Sussex Trug dating back to 1829, these trugs are handcrafted with Sweet Chestnut handles and rims, and Cricket Bat Willow boards and copper rivets. Use them in your garden for collecting vegetables, or on your table as a decoration or serving platter for fruit, etc.






Trug 18” x 10”




Roasts, barbecues, cooks almost anything with any solid fuel, with super succulent and tender results. Cooks “dry” – a traditional barbecue – or “moist” – when 250ml cup of water, beer or wine is added to the moat.  This softens and flavours meat, especially roasts. 


 Safe (stays cool outside), easily portable and can be used while cooking on any surface eg.  plastic, glass, wood etc.


Healthy cooking, all excess fat runs into the moat.  Constructed from the highest quality materials  (Stainless Steel).




Cook Book is included with a BBQ purchase.

Nominated by Time Magazine as one of the world’s top inventions in the year 2001.

Canadian Dollars


The following letter from a satisfied customer says it all:

Dear Sir:


I first saw the Cobb about four years ago when I was buying a new bed. Of course at the time I merely glanced at it as I had aspirations of owning a large B.B.Q. (never did get it!).


Then in December 2003 we visited with friends who had just bought themselves a Cobb. What a wonderful, marvelous little invention! We cooked on it most days and I was hooked. Well, the day before we left for this holiday, I had won money in a draw at the local pub. As soon as we got home on December 23 I went shopping for a Cobb.


We stayed at my son’s house over the Christmas/New Year period and over this period we experienced some of the worst electrical thunderstorms ever, and subsequently had no electricity. But no problem - we had the Cobb. We boiled water on it and cooked on it and never once went hungry or thirsty. Now my son wants a Cobb - guess I will just have to win the draw again. And hopefully it will be enough to buy the attachments. Forget the large B.B.Q. and any other such thing, as the ad goes, I don’t need the all and all, I have my Cobb. Well done!

—J. Johnstone.

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